From big ideas to customer value

At itch, we know how to succeed with digital innovation, from creating the big ideas to crafting the small details that customers love. We act as facilitators and support for our clients as well as taking on full-service innovation assignments.

Business innovation

Today, most business models are under pressure. Production, distribution, partnerships, revenue streams, customer relationships and even core offerings are being challenged by digitally enhanced alternatives.

Itch works closely with its clients to identify, validate and investigate new business opportunities. Our constant research on customer needs and behavior, market trends and technological development keeps us – and our clients – well ahead of the curve.

We work with a range of tools and techniques, from scenario planning and business canvassing to storytelling and user journeys, always with the goal of creating innovation that captures untapped business opportunities.

Product & service design

Products and services are more complex than ever, operating within a constantly increasing ecosystem of touchpoints, devices, systems and relationships. While this creates new opportunities for delivering real value, it puts heavy demands on companies to provide consistent and outstanding user experience.

At itch, we help our clients create innovative solutions that delight users and provide real value. Our in-depth user research and company analysis ensure innovations that not only exceed user expectations, but are organizationally, technically and strategically feasible.

Visualization & Prototyping

At itch, we help our clients craft rich experiences that genuinely connect with their customers. We work with functional, interaction and visual design to create a common ground for validation of ideas and solutions.

In our lab, we work with rapid prototyping, physical as well as virtual. We help your company test the waters sooner, saving you both time and money. The result: bad ideas can be trashed and good ones developed keeping your company creative and relevant.

Digital marketing & communication

It’s easy to understand how consumers are overwhelmed by information and messages. To break through the static, marketing must offer value or provide a meaningful experience. Even with a well-established channel to consumers, transparency and social media are challenging common story-telling and advertising strategies.

Itch helps clients create innovative marketing and communication concepts that are based on market, user and technology research. We deliver marketing and communication that provides value to both sender and receiver, across paid, earned or owned media, spanning all types of devices and platforms.